10 Craziest Things That Happen When You Google..

4 Type “Google Doodles”


Google’s “Doodles” are clever or interesting tributes to people or events in history that regularly replace the traditional Google Icon on the homepage. It began as a subtle homage to Burning Man in 1998, but quickly became very popular. There is even a special committee now within Google to decide upon the next Doodle, and a separate set of illustrators and developers to create it. Different Google Doodles have appeared on the various Google homepages around the world. Now there’s a special search engine to explore the 1000+ Doodles. Type “google doodles” in the Google bar to get there. Popular ones include the guitar doodle for Les Paul’s 96th birthday that actually works, as well as the 30th Anniversary of the classic game of Pac Man!