10 Most Bizarre Professions You Didn’t Know Existed

1 Professional Mattress Jumper


The man who gets paid to jump on mattresses says you can stop laughing now. There is nothing funny about jumping on mattresses day after day. Mattress after mattress. People refuse to understand. ‘It’s work,’ said professional mattress jumper Reuben Reynoso. ‘It’s not for everybody. There is a right way and a wrong way to do it.’ Reynoso, who jumps on three mattresses a day, does it the right way. He doesn’t try for height. He doesn’t go ‘boing’ or turn a somersault. His 10 toes are not little piggies going to market. They are trained members of the team. It’s not a trampoline, for goodness sakes, it’s a $2,750 mattress. ‘This is not a game,’ said Reynoso, bouncing up and down. ‘Not to me’.