15 Destinations To Visit This Summer

5 Lisbon

Next to Barcelona, Paris and London, Lisbon is an overshadowed destination that’s actually one of the most affordable European spots to visit any time of the year. The city specializes in ensuring tourists embrace its laid-back charm and it’s a feat they accomplish through scenery. Its perched atop multiple hills with alleyways winding in and out between faded limestone buildings and St. George’s Cathedral often peeks out to the skyline, presenting an old-world atmosphere to a modern city.

But there’s a lot more to Lisbon than just holding hands with village life and enjoying the view via a coffee shop. Outgoing crowds can explore the Fado clubs in Alfamato, graze at the Cascais beaches and even cheer on bullfighters at the Praca de Touros Camp Pequeno. The best way to enjoy it all is by getting a Lisboa Card. These cards offer free use of the city’s entire public transportation system and offers free and reduced prices to some of its major attractions. It also goes hand in hand with staying in a pensao, which is like a guesthouse with separated rooms and an adjoining bathroom you can share with neighbors. The concept may not seem too appeasing but their rates are reasonable compared to pricey hotels and such guesthouses are located to Lisbon’s most popular attractions.