15 Destinations To Visit This Summer

3 Trinidad & Tobago

It sounds odd but it’s true – the Caribbean doesn’t see a lot of traffic during the summer months as travelers prefer to head there in the winter, not when their variation of summer is in full effect with a slight chance of tropical storms. This usually brings about a few great travel deals during the summer and that also applies to islands outside of the hurricane belt. Trinidad & Tobago is one of those destinaitons and it just so happens to be clustered with remarkable beaches that keep islanders and tourists intrigued. Trinidad is the larger of the two and it’s always bustling with commerce and diversity as the oasis of Creole culture just so happens to be the birthplace of the steel drum, the limbo and a variety of Central and South American fruits. Tobago is just northeast of its neighboring island and is rich in natural wonders and numerous activities for hobbyists who enjoy scuba diving and UV rays.

That’s not to say Trinidad doesn’t have its fair share of beaches. They line almost every side of the island and they range from desolate to festive to romantic with the three primary spots being Mayaro Bay, Maracas and Blanchisseuse. Trinidad is also known for its flora and fauna – its national flower is the Chaconia – but in late February, the island brings out the glitter to celebrate one of the best Carnival parties in the Caribbean.