15 Destinations To Visit This Summer

2 Montreal

With the harsh winter finally over, Montreal blossoms to become a slice of European culture without the extensive flight and multiple transfers and delays. The Quebec city is full of fascinating historic sites, multiple shopping venues, world-class eateries and a pulsating nightlife environment. To be honest, there’s only one term that truly describes Montreal, and it’s multi-faceted.

The city blends the structure of the Old and New Worlds with 18th-century buildings bumping into 21st-century skylines. Retro houses now provide a home to innovative restos and a multitude of flags signal various districts with emblems from Portugal, India and France. If you have a weakness for the arts, then seeking refuge in the natural sanctuary Mont-Royal or the city’s best museums will keep you occupied, but if you’re a foodie, then getting your paws on a Montreal-style bagel or other marketplace goods will probably be your best bet. Most Montrealers would advise to visit the cobblestone streets of Vieux-Montreal as you can hit up a few historic cathedrals and grab a fresh cappuccino from a traditional French cafe from the boulevard of Saint-Laurent. In fact, the Canadian outpost is a very walkable city – and attractions such as St. Joseph’s Oratory and Parc Jean-Drapeau are also worth visiting – but if you ever grow wear, the public transportation is quite cheap and convenient.