15 Destinations To Visit This Summer

13 Aruba

Tropical storm threats be gone, Aruba is located outside of the hurricane belt which makes it a great island spot to trek across before fall invades the year. As history shows, the Spanish colonists who settled in Aruba and its sister islands of Bonaire and Curacao nicknamed the trio in 1513 as the “Islas Inutiles”, also known as the “Useless Islands”. Centuries later, they couldn’t have been more wrong. The southern Caribbean cluster experiences minimal rainfall which attracts a large group of beach enthusiasts every year. And with its exceptional underwater visibility, divers also visit in bunches to explore buried shipwrecks and study a large mass of beautiful coral reefs.

Pricey hotels and stingy airfares have made Aruba an exclusive spot but that’s not exactly the case for Palm Beach. It’s attracted everyone from college kids to honeymooners to baby boomers who race and fight each other for their own shady spot underneath a divi-divi tree. The colonists may have disregarded Aruba for its long-term future but its certainly being taken advantage of now. It’s just up to you to join in on the fun!