15 Destinations To Visit This Summer

9 Fiji

With a population count close to 900,000 people, there truly isn’t a bad time to book a vacation to Fiji. However, locals will tell you that summertime is the best season year-round as its full of constant sunshine and 80-degree temperatures which is perfect for building sandcastles and getting your tan on. July and August tend to draw huge crowds but its well worth the trip with its turquoise waters and gorgeous resorts, and the set of 333 islands is perfect for a wide array of lovebirds.

Even the hit television show “The Bachelorette” filmed one of its seasons in the depths of Fiji and likely because its a place for adventurers like surfers and divers, and those who appreciate coral reefs and geographical wonders like archipelagos. Because its more than 1,300 miles from New Zealand’s North Island in the South Pacific Ocean, its a stop that presents a comforting sense of seclusion, letting you sip Fiji Bitter Beer in peace and watch the sun take a nap below the horizon. Local customs are also a must for those going for the first time as watching fire traditions and indulging in traditional food and drink can be addictive. Just make sure to stick to a few islands at a time. Island-hopping can rack up transportation costs and keep you busy and restless.