Stupid Frozen Food: The Most Unnecessary Creations From The Freezer Aisle (PHOTOS)

We’d like to start this by telling you that we hate neither frozen foods nor convenience. We swear by frozen potato shreds for hash browns, believe heartily in frozen spinach’s many uses in the kitchen, we even love to eat a Toaster Strudel every now and then. With that said, the truth is that there are some foods which needed never to be introduced to the freezer.

What constitutes stupid frozen food? When the amount of actual labor you’d need to put forth to cook the food yourself hovers near the amount of time it takes to thaw/prepare one of these ridiculous convenience foods from frozen. Frozen puff pastry makes sense because puff pastry is finicky and time consuming. Frozen chopped onions do not make sense. There are also certain foods that we just can’t imagine being any good when frozen and reheated. Frozen scrambled eggs? Frozen whole sandwiches? We’re sorry to tell you, it’s about to get a lot worse.

1 Buttermilk Pancakes


Don’t get us wrong, frozen waffles are great. There is such a huge, underestimated difference between how great frozen waffles are and how horrible frozen pancakes are.