The 20 Most Underrated Movies

19 Blades Of Glory (Josh Gordon/Will Speck, 2007)

What they said:

“I’d try to avoid the usual cliche of saying this is a fine 10-minute Saturday Night Live sketch that’s padded with another 80 minutes of filler, but if this unclever and mostly unfunny film doesn’t bother to put in any effort, why should I?”
Misha Davenport, Chicago Sun-Times
What we say:

C’mon. Anyone who’s tired of bouffant hair, permatans and awkward physical humour about incest and homosexuality is tired of life. Plus, there are very few situations where setting a sporting mascot on fire isn’t funny.

Will Ferrell and Jon Heder do a decent job as the leads in this figure-skating farce, but it’s the canny support casting of Amy Poehler and the always awesome Will Arnett that really captures the grotty glitz of ice dancing.