20 Hottest NCAA WAGs

20 Hottest NCAA Wives and Girlfriends

NCAA wives and girlfriends have historically never received much attention in the media. However, it appears that has all changed with social media web sites, such as Twitter, taking over the internet.

Anytime a hot wife or girlfriend appears in the stands during their significant other’s collegiate game, it is instantly trending on the internet. Brent Musburger single-handedly made Katherine Webb a household name, and jumpstarted her career in the process. Now, it appears other hot WAGs want to be the next big thing to appear on television.

It was pretty clear no team was prepared for the Florida Gulf Coast Eagles in the earlier rounds of the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament. However, what no one was really ready for was Andy Enfield’s model wife to appear in the stands. If college basketball was not already the most watched sport in the month of March, Amanda Marcum shot it to the top of the list. March Madness will never be the same after this year. Hopefully, UCLA can make a solid run during the 2013-14 so that Marcum will get more television coverage. At least her image has been plastered in enough places to fill the time until she makes another appearance next season.

Make sure to click through the slideshow of the 20 hottest NCAA WAGs. Also, make sure to comment on who you think is the most gorgeous lady of them all. If one of your favorite collegiate sport WAGs did not make the list, please let me know below in the comment section. However, make sure to be ready to back your opinion.