The Top 25 Iconic Sports Cars of All Time

As soon as the combustion engine was invented, men started playing with automobiles to see how fast they could make them run. It is in our blood, so we did & we will do.
Over the past decades, hundreds of sports cars were produced by dozens of car manufacturers around the world. Which are the best sports cars of all time is a question we wanted to tackle head-on. Below you will find a list the Top 25 Iconic Sports Cars of all time. Some featured innovative designs, others had incredible power, but one factor unified them all: they were all made to drive pretty darn fast !!!

25 Honda NSX-R

Honda Acura NSX-R

The Honda NSX or Acura NSX in North America, was a sports car produced between 1990 and 2005 by the Japanese automaker Honda. It sports a mid-engine, rear-wheel drive layout and was powered by an all-aluminum V6 gasoline engine featuring Honda’s “variable valve timing and lift electronic control” (VTEC) system.

Design: A second iteration of the NSX-R was released in 2002, again exclusively in Japan. As with the first NSX-R, weight reduction was the primary focus for performance enhancement. Instead of developing the stock 2002-onwards T-Top, Honda chose to go back to the pre-2002 fixed-roof coupe, due to its lighter weight and more rigid construction. Carbon fiber was used to a large extent throughout the body components to reduce weight, including a larger, more aggressive rear spoiler, vented hood and deck lid. The rear spoiler was said to be the largest one-piece carbon-fiber spoiler in production cars. A single-pane rear divider was again used, as were carbon-kevlar racing seats manufactured for Honda by Recaro. Finally, larger yet lighter wheels resulted in a total weight reduction of almost 100 kg (220 lb) to 1,270 kg (2,800 lb).

Performance: The 3.2L DOHC V6 engine was a powerful, free-revving powerplant with excellent throttle response. As Honda maintained the concept that Power is needed all that is useful, and NSX-R continued to be the Car that could beat many other Supercars in track despite being down on Power. Officially, Honda maintains that the power output of the Second-Gen NSX-R engine is 290 bhp (220 kW), which is identical to the stock NSX. The automotive press, however, has long speculated that the true output of the engine is as much as 320 bhp (240 kW), and that other, unpublished enhancements were made.

Chick Factor: Medium. Although Girls may admire the styling they can hardly understand the reason NSX became the legend. They will love the nice ride though, but please don’t go on a first Date in an NSX. The girl will think you are either Gadget-Freak or you can’t afford a Ferrari. Before she eventually realizes the magnificience of NSX over a Ferrari 360, you two have already broken up.