20 Gorgeous Handmade Business Card Designs

Business cards are one of the most common ways to promote yourself, and despite the fact that they are pretty old, they still have a high importance in the business world. Even with today’s technology, business cards are acting exactly like a good suite: it will never be outdated. A good business card design will help you get more interested or possible clients faster than a good website because when you give someone your card, he will remember you, but if you tell him your email address or your website URL, without giving him a note with these details, he will probably forgot them in the next minutes.

Like in any other field of design (in particular), you’ll find people who tries and some of them succeed to innovate by crossing the lines and ignoring the rules. This is also happening in the business card industry where both clients and producers want their cards to be noticed and kept, so new design ideas are being created. Today we have more than a simple paper with the name of the business, the name of the person and the address printed on it; today we have metallic business cards, wooden business cards, we have intricate business cards made from glass or fine sheets of silk.

Designers are trying to find new ways to produce them and this can bee seen from the following examples. Below you can see 20 handmade business cards which are not only interesting but they also succeed in being memorable.

1 Luciano Balzano