The WORST Jobs in America

15 Stable Cleaner

If there was ever a job that warranted the title “Professional Pooper Scooper”, this is it. Sure, there are other responsibilities that come with attending to a horse’s stall; changing the hay, feeding them, taking them out to trot. But, prime among these responsibilities or even a job of its own depending on which stable you work at, is the task of shoveling unthinkable amounts of feces from the horse stables.

When horses use the restroom, they leave alot of evidence, and the evidence itself is large and potent to the nostrils. You likely have grown up around animals and have a passion for horses if you are doing this job, and a large part of your reward is likely the fact that you get to ride the horses in your down time.

But for us cat and dog lovers, it is hard to imagine getting paid practically a slave-wage to shovel our pet’s poop on a daily basis for the “privilege” to walk them or take them to the park. This is what separates horse lovers from notorious animal caretakers, as horses require an extreme amount of care, money, and dedication, and the size of their bowel movements can be seen as a metaphor for the service they require.

There are legitimate health concerns that come with handling feces, whether from the diseases in excrement itself or the insects that are attracted to it, but most people see the more obvious reason why this job would be last on most people’s dream job lists.