23 Gorgeous PSDs With Apple Products

The Apple design is a source of inspiration for many designers and producers because of the perfect minimalist forms. Also, Apple’s products are starting to be increasingly popular not only between designers but also between other types of consumers and that’s the reason we see many objects either virtual or not which are following the principles implemented by Jony Ive and the rest of the staff from Cupertino’s most famous Company.

As a web designer or web developer, you may need to use Apple products or components for showing off your work. For example, if you have made an application for iPhone and you want to put it in your portfolio or to create a presentation page for it, you’ll need an image of the iPhone displaying your app. So, instead of creating an illustration from scratch or making an actual photo of the real phone (which is not so cool), you can use an iPhone already created in Photoshop.

Also, you may need other photoshop files of Apple components such as keyboards, iPad devices, icons such as Safari or iCloud in your projects, so why spending time creating them when you can use these cool .psds?

Here you can find 23 gorgeous graphic designs made in Photoshop that illustrates Apple products, labels and icons.

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