15 Destinations To Visit This Summer

4 Santo Domingo

Like most attractions in the Americas, this Caribbean metropolis can help create one unforgettable urban adventure. Santo Domingo is located in the heart of the Dominican Republic, and its population of 2.9 million people (as of 2010), has made it a hotspot full of entertaining attractions and affordable hotels. The best part is, you’re bound to leave with a smile on your face and your pockets full of cash!

The capital city is one of the largest in the Caribbean, providing sights like the Alcazar de Colon for art aficionados and the Malecon for night-owls who want to part take in a late-night meringue or bachata dance session. Due to its storied past, the city is also full of historic sites such as the first church (Catedral Primada de America), the first stronghold (Fortaleza Ozama) and the oldest street (Calle Las Damas in the Americas. Santo Domingo is also very hospitable unlike other popular destinations. Store prices are set but the price of just about everything from a street vendor can be negotiated with a little bit of the local language.

The metropolis is also home to a few cruise ships that can help you spend a few days exploring Santo Domingo from afar. It may seem like a very tourist-y thing to say but the highlights are mesmerizing!