The 18 Greatest Internet Memes of the 1990s

14 Dihydrogen Monoxide


Scary chemical alert! Scary chemical alert! Check your mail, seal your doors, stock up on emergency supplies because Dihydrogen Monoxide is coming! This nefarious compound threatens your very existence as a direct result of… hydration.

Leaflets highlighting the dangers of DHMO listed such concerning facts as “is fatal if inhaled,” “is the major component in acid rain,” and that it “has been found in the excised tumors of terminal cancer patients.” As if that weren’t scary enough, the pamphlets also warned that the compound was used in nuclear power plants, pesticides, and Styrofoam. Pretty scary stuff until you realize –

Dihydrogen Monoxide is water.

If you didn’t realize that from the start, there’s this really great page you should check out. It’s THE LAST PAGE of the Internet!